[New Spell] Cone of Impeding

Cone of Impeding


‘What did you say to that other druid?’ the elf ranger asked.

‘I didn’t think it was this bad,’ Fellhorn replied, shaking his head.

‘It is starting to rain, are we going to try to break a hole in the wall?’ the gnome illusionist asked.

‘Let me think of a spell to get us out of here,’ Fellhorn said.

‘Surely the gnome doesn’t have one,’ smirked the elf.

A deep magical darkness engulfed all in the earth and rock cone.

‘I have that one,’ the gnome said smugly as the elf ran around trying to catch him.

‘Will you two stop so I can cast a spell!’ roared Fellhorn.


Cone of Impeding (Druid)

Level 3

Range: 30’+5’/level.

Duration: One day per level of caster.


A rather annoying spell, this magic creates an earthen and stone cone around the target three feet thick and fifteen feet high with a hole at the top roughly one foot in diameter at the pinnacle of the cone. Not only does this slow up to four people that can be trapped inside, the wall of the cone requires twenty hit points of damage to create a human sized hole (fifteen for a halfing or gnome sized character), but the act of doing so can topple the cone, 75% chance of this happening, dealing 2d12 hit points of damage to those inside. In addition to weather extremes, thirst and hungry can also be an issue for those trapped inside.

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