[New Magic Item] Amulet of the Random Tongue

Amulet of the Random Tongue

‘I would have capitalized on that for some gold,’ Valance told Koram with a gentle elbow to the ribs. ‘Nonetheless, excellent work.’

‘That was unnerving,’ the fighter replied.

‘You were very handy to have when that wizard used that magical amulet,’ Chalk said.

‘I just understood what everyone was saying, us, the orcs, the kobolds,the gnomes, the ogres, the dragon,’ Koram said.

‘You saved the day and were a great distraction,’ added Navnen as he revealed a few small pouches he had stolen from the crowd mesmerized by Koram’s suddenly ability to speak all languages spoken as the various factions met in the odd caverns.

A ‘practice’ magical amulet made by a mage just starting to enchant items, this magic item is very handy, if you trust the translator. A bit tricky otherwise, and it is handy to have most of the time when adventuring in dark and dangerous places.

Benefit: The owner of this amulet can activate the magic item to cause one random sentient being within 30′ to understand all spoken languages for one hour. That makes this amulet very handy and sometimes perilous indire situations where a translator is needed. Usable twice per day.

Usable by: Anyone.

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