[New Spell] Screamshroom


The elf ranger and gnome illusionist ran off, Fellhorn the druid stood firm, glaring into the darkness.

‘Get back here, you idiots!’ the druid shouted.

‘Not yet, there was something hideous in the shadows,’ squeaked the gnome.

‘It is just some fungus, stop being scared of mushrooms,’ Fellhorn snarled at his adventuring companions.

A few minutes later the two returned. The mushrooms roared in the shadows and this time the druid ran off.

Screamshroom (Arcane)

Level 2

Range: 20’+5’/level.

Duration: One turn per level of caster. (see below)

This sporecery spell allows the caster to cause any mushrooms or other fungal growths to make any of a number of unintelligible sounds, from a discomforting mewling, to the sound of a wounded animal to a terrifying roar when anyone else comes within 10′ of the enchanted fungus. This causes any creature of Animal to Average Intelligence that walk within 10′ to make a save versus Petrification or hunt the source of the mewling, as either a prey animal or animal seeking a wounded one of its kind for two rounds, freeze in place for two rounds or flee the area in terror, depending on the type of sound and the type of reaction.

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