[New Magic Item] Wrong Turn Ring

Wrong Turn Ring

The elf ranger dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes.

‘So now the bugbears won’t find us, now ambush,’ Fellhorn the druid said.

‘Yes, but what do we do with him?’ the gnome illusionist said, pointing a thumb at the elf.

‘We’d better hide him until we know it is safe outside,’ the druid said.

‘I will check to see if coins are weighing him down,’ the gnome said as he began to frisk the elf ranger.

‘I think not, remember that rusty bugbear sword that stabbed you that the elf undid?’ Fellhorn asked the illusionist.

The gnome grimaced and left the elf alone.

A very powerful artifact of unknown origin, the price is sometimes more to pay than the ring’s wearer bargained for. Use with caution.

Benefit: This ring allows the wearer to undo the events of the previous turn (ten minutes). Usable once per day, this ring can easily turn the tide of a battle, cause someone to not die or redo any other situation. However, there is a price to pay, each use causes the ring’s wearer to roll 1d20, the result of this roll is deducted from the wearer’s current Constitution attribute. If this reduces the attribute to ‘0’ or less the person will become unconscious and drop to the ground. Constitution is regained at one point per hour.

Usable by: Anyone.

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