[New Magic Item] Plague Bangle

Plague Bangle

Koram sneezed heavily, his sword floundered and bounced off of the armor of the beaked and heavily armored horror.

‘What is wrong?’ Chalk shouted in the fray.

‘That weird guy in robes, he must have done something to get me sick,’ Koram replied between sneezes.

‘I’ve got this,’ Valance said. The priest of the Spider God prayed for a few moments and a titanic arachnid crawled into view and leaped upon the bull-sized monster. The two hulking creatures rolled and tumbled, the spider found a soft spot and bit deeply, injecting its poison. The bizarre creature twitched and went limp, its fierce beak open in terror.

Koram sneezed loudly.

‘Let’s hope that wears off soon or we don’t encounter any other monsters right away,’ Navnen quipped.

Gifted to champions of the dreaded plague deities, these magical bracelets can completely ruin someone’s day, someone no a follower of the Plague Gods that this, who thrive on runny noses and bleary eyes.

Benefit: The wearer of one of these magical bracelets can, three times per day, cause individuals to catch a dreadful minor plague, a great flu that causes all rolls to be -2 for one turn as a severely runny nose and watery eyes is very distracting when one is trying to focus. After ten minutes the intensity lessens a little and the afflicted are -1 on all rolls for the rest of the day. A Saving Throw versus Poison is possible to avoid the effects, but can also stir the ire of the Plague Gods, as would the negating effects of a Cure Light Wounds spell or a Remove Curse spell. This only affects living creatures and effects do not stack.

Usable by: Anyone.

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