[New Spell] Into the Lair of the ………

Into the Lair of the ……

Needing a vial of the blood of a particular monster Fellhorn the druid cast a spell.

The trio of adventurers were instantly transported to the mouth of a strange cave.

‘I do not remember it like this before, did the creature move?’ the elf ranger asked.

Something hissed in the darkness. The druid’s staff lit up at the top, glowing brightly in the darkness, revealing a strange recoiling creature.

‘It is a manticore all right,’ the gnome illusionist said. ‘Let’s get it’s blood!’

The creature snarled and let out a howl.

The elf ranger paused a moment.

‘Just how many of these creatures lair in this area?’ he asked aloud.

Into the Lair of the …… (Druid)

Level 5

Range: Self or Touch and see below.

Duration: Instantaneous.

This spell transports the caster and up to three others or four others besides the caster within 10′ of the casting druid straight to the lair of the nearest monster, either named or unnamed (Either: Vestinas the Medusa or The Medusa are appropriate. Willing subjects require no save while those that are not interested into being transported to the entry to the lair of a monster may make a Save versus Spells roll with a -1 modifier. The particular monster or type of monster must lair within two miles when this spell is cast. If not named those transported go to the nearest lair.

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