[New Magic Item] Don’t Mind Me Amulet

Don’t Mind Me Amulet

As the thief stabbed the gnome illusionist he revealed himself to the demi-human.

The gnome gasped and pointed at the human bandit as blood ran from a shoulder wound.

‘What are you pointing at?’ the elf ranger asked.

Suddenly the elf grunted as he took a stab to the leg.

‘Okay, where is the threat?’ Fellhorn the druid asked.

The elf and gnome pointed at the thief that that druid still could not see,

Made as a thank you for the leader of the local thief’s guild, this small amulet makes one beneath notice for a short time, make that time count!

Benefit: This amulet, usable once per day, renders the bearer invisible for 1d4 rounds to all living creatures within 100′. While not invisible per say, all living things will ignore the presence of the amulet’s owner, unless they attack another and cause a wound, the wound will reveal the ignored one to that particular individual, which can cause further confusion. As the effect wears off others will notice the owner of the amulet.

Usable by: Anyone.

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