[New Magic Item] Gem of Unmapability

Gem of Unmapability

‘And this is why I prefer adventuring in the woods,’ Fellhorn the druid said.

The gnome illusionist frowned as he kept losing concentration while he tried mapping the dungeon.

‘Get it together, I don’t want to die down here,’ snapped the elf ranger.

‘You try it then,’ the gnome replied, offering the mapping equipment to the elf.

With a sneer the elf grabbed the mapping gear from the gnome and was immediately frustrated.

‘Something isn’t right, we are being kept from mapping,’ the elf ranger admitted, looking around suspiciously.

It is thought that while only a few dozen of these enchanted gems exist each can cause a bit of chaos, but two or more together can ruin an adventuring party.

Benefit: If placed upon the earth or solid rock the area within a 100′ radius cannot be accurately mapped by hand, all attempts fail. If it is determined that these clear, fist sized gems are the cause of this misfortune or they are merely prized from the earth for their value then it is again is possible to accurately map the area. Many humanoid species that live underground seek these enchanted gems to sew discord and chaos among dungeoneers and explorers.

Usable by: Anyone.

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