[New Spell] Curse- Reflection Petrification

Reflection Petrification

The thug pushed Navnen the thief who tripped over a stone and fell before the pond. Without thinking he looked into the water. To the astonishment of the outlaws the thief began to turn to stone.

‘Oh damn,’ he whispered before becoming a statue and subsequently disappearing.

‘We really need to get that curse lifted,’ Koram said.

‘Agreed, we could use him in a fight,’ Chalk agreed as he began a spell.

Valance was already summoning giant spiders to repel the stunned thugs.

Reflection Petrification (Illusionist)

Level 3

Range: Touch.

Duration: A year and a day or until dispelled.

Whenever the cursed subject sees their reflection in a mirror, water, mercury, polished metal or any reflective surface he or she must make a Save versus Petrification or become turned to stone for 1d4 days. As this is not meant to be a killing type curse, if in combat or in the presence of enemies or potential enemies the target is then safely teleported to an isolated area up to one mile away. This spell can be very annoying with enemies that know what will happen.

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