[New Magic Item] Ring Against Bones

Ring Against Bones

The vampire hissed as its strike missed Stork, again. The sorcerer sneered.

Before Vistis the Blue Mage could warn Stork a heavy iron behemoth strode into the ancient crypt and aimed a metallic punch at the sorcerer.

The vampire, also surprised, stepped back and nodded in appreciation as the wily sorcerer was knocked back several feet by the attack.

Vistis cast a spell that took both undead and construct by surprise and hauled Stork out of the fray.

‘Nice ring,’ the illusionist said snidely.

‘Hey, normally it works just fine,’ Stork said defensively.

‘Normally, until today,’ replied Vistis.

Stork nursed his wound and pouted quietly to himself.

Made for a king by a wily archmage, this magical ring deters one kind of magic while inviting another. Apparently the creator was more into constructs than reanimation.

Benefit: Any necromantic spell(s) cast against the wearer of this ring have an 80% chance to fail. In addition all undead creatures are -2 to strike and to -2 damage the wearer of this ring. However, each day there is a 35% chance that a golem of some type will appear and attack the ring’s wearer. In addition, any constructs encountered attack the wearer of this ring first and are +1 to Hit and +1 to Damage.

Usable by: Anyone.

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