[New Monster] Daughters of the Lord of Waves and Waters

Daughters of the Lord of the Waves and Waters

The sleek ship cut majestically through the waves, its sail robust as the wind propelled it along.

‘I still don’t know how this happened’, Chalk said, reveling in their good fortune.

Valance peeked warily over the side and thought he saw the looming shape of a monstrous shark, as it seemed that one always waited for him any time the priest of the Spider God went to sea.

‘I’ll just be glad when we reach land again,’ the cleric said nervously.

Koram coughed mysteriously.

‘Is there something you wish to say about how you received such a marvelous ship and how we have such fortunate weather?’ Navnen the thief asked the fighter.

Koram looked into the water himself. A pale smiling face smiled back.

‘No, not right now,’ he answered gruffly, looking once again into the distance.

Daughters of the Lord of Waves and Waters
Far underwater in the realm of the Lord of the Waves and Waters the Sea King lives with his wife, the Queen of Dangerous Waters and their seven daughters. From time to time these children wander, often looking for a mate to marry, yet sometimes helping heroes and heroines with great tasks that the latter cannot do themselves. While these beguiling women can fight and sometimes do with mighty weapons found in sunken ships, it is advised not to harm one or face the furious wrath of the Sea King and his Queen.

Daughters of the Lord of the Waves and Waters: HD 5; AC 6[13]; Atk: By weapon, Strike (1d6+2); Move 9 ; Save 12; AL:N (L tendencies);CL/XP 7/5000; Special: Immune to poisons, drowning and non-magical weapons (except silver), Special: Bringer of Luck!: A Daughter can bestow Limited Wish once per day. Charm (as spell), Summon and Control up to 6HD of underwater creatures, Breathe on land or underwater with no problems.

Option: Can be used in conjunction with: https://ancientvaults.wordpress.com/2009/11/24/new-magic-items-sea-themed-items/

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