[New Spell] Birds of Terror

Birds of Terror

The elf ranger and gnome illusionist suddenly burst out of the glade, leaving Fellhorn standing alone.

‘What is it?’ the druid asked aloud.

‘The cacophony of those dreadful birds!’ the gnome squeaked.

A sparrow landed on the druid’s shoulder and chirped happily.

The elf ranger gritted his teeth, then panicked and ran, dropping his bow.

Fellhorn suddenly realized another druid was about. He did not know this magic, but he had heard of it. He drew his sickle and blended into the forest, waiting.

Birds of Terror (Druid)

Level 4

Range: 500′ and see below.

Duration: One turn per level of caster.

This spell causes all avian creatures within 500′ of the casting druid to radiate Fear as per the Magic-User spell. Each creature radiates fear in a 30′ radius that causes all non-avian creatures within earshot to make a Save versus Spells or flee the area for the caster’s level in turns. Avian creatures are immune to this magic, as is the casting druid and all other druids receive a +2 to their Saving Throws.

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