[New Monster] Ice Skeleton

Ice Skeleton

Two dozen more of the frozen skeletons appeared, their frozen feet clacking on the dungeon tiles.

‘How many more of these things are there?’ Koram exclaimed, swinging his sword like an automaton, chopping mindlessly at these skeletons with ice for bones.

‘I don’t know, but this is getting old really fast,’ Valance said as he conjured more spiders which the ice-boned skeletons seemed to tear through.

Chalk began a spell to try to boil water in the area as Navnen cursed and threw a lit torch at a concentration of the ice skeletons, which caused them to scatter as their jaws clacked disturbingly.

Ice Skeleton
A necromantic spell that took on a life of its own centuries ago to create these monsters, Ice Skeletons are the spirits of those who died either of freezing or died violently in winter. While basically mindless and neutral these creatures appear to possess a strange malevolent cunning that allows them to work together as a mob and work together. These creatures eventually melt in warmer conditions, therefore they strive to remain in freezing or near freezing temperatures.

Ice Skeleton: HD 1+4; AC 6[13]; Atk: By weapon, Claw (1d4); Move 9 ; Save 14; AL:N ;CL/XP 1/35; Special: Undead Immunities (no need to breathe, immune to Charm, Sleep, poisons, etc). Chill Touch: a successful Critical Hit (natural 19 or 20) deals an additional 1d4 in Cold damage; Fire deals triple damage; Mob in numbers up to 3d12 easily; Shatter, these creatures will shatter if they fall more than 15′; Limited regeneration: immersion in water/snow or freezing winds with snow will regrow limbs at a rate of 1 hp/round.

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