[New Monster] Onarv

Onarv (Donkey-headed Beastmen)

Navnen returned to his adventuring companions.

‘He wants to go with us as far as the city of Droosk,’ the thief told the others.

The donkey-headed creature regarded the others with a hopeful face.

‘He knows the myths and folktales of the land?’ Chalk asked.

‘I do, with great precision,’ the onarv said in a deep voice.

‘He’s in,’ Chalk said. ‘What’s one more oddball in the bunch?’

The group welcomed their new spellcaster and scholar.

The Onarv, known as the Donkey-headed Ones (a bit of a misnomer as female mule beastmen also exist) are a very mysterious race of beastmen that seem to eschew the natural beastly tendencies of most beastmen types and often hire themselves out as mercenary spellcasters, although they must ‘borrow’ the spells from those around them. Their ability to absorb knowledge of myths and legends makes these creatures invaluable loremasters in wild and untamed areas. Despite being neutral these creatures are usually quite loyal if treated well.

Onarv: HD 2+4; AC 5[12]; Atk: By weapon, Kick (1d8); Move12 ; Save 13; AL:N ;CL/XP 3/250; Special: Spell-thief: Can duplicate any spell cast within 40′ up to 4th level, magic-user, illusionist, or druid. Spells are retained for three days and may be cast two times each per day with a maximum of six spells total per day. Area knowledge: Onarv instinctively know myths and legends in the immediate vicinity with 75% accuracy.

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