[New Spell] Shared Effect

Shared Effect

‘We’ve got this. Cast the spell on Koram when we get inside the courtyard,’ Valance suggested to Chalk. The wizard nodded. The fighter and cleric dashed into the courtyard. Koram suddenly grew in size as Valance mumbled a prayer to the Spider God. Then the priest also grew in size.

The bandits turned away from the two giants to see a herd of giant spiders advancing from the other side of the courtyard, summoned earlier by Valance. The leader of the bandits turned towards the two giants and shrugged. He tossed the bag of loot at the feet of the giants.

‘Win some, lose some,’ the bandit leader said.

‘Should I call off the spiders?’ Valance asked Koram.

‘I don’t know, these guys made us chase them over a lot of ground,’ the fighter replied.

‘Hey!’ the bandit king said as Valance waved his hand and dismissed the raging arachnids.

Shared Effect (Cleric)

Level 3

Range: Touch.

Duration: As per shared spell.

If cast within three rounds of another spell this divine spell allows the caster to share the effects of any spell of level 1-4 cast upon another. This could be a healing spell, a spell that affects another, such as Enlarge, or even a curse, which the Shared Effect caster uses to endure the same curse as another as penance or proof of endurance.

Option: An Advanced form of this spell can easily cover higher spell levels.

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