[New Magic Item] Troll Bearer Ring

Troll Bearer Ring

‘Troll!’ the dwarf yelled as he grabbed his ax.

‘No, relax!’ the gnome illusionist shouted as he and his companions entered the small border town with a lumbering troll in tow.

The dwarf eyed the strange quartet suspiciously.

‘The gnome found some ring that gave him a troll to carry our things,’ the elf said.

The gnome grinned ear to ear as the troll shielded itself from a nearby peasant’s lit lantern.

‘You may pass, but you are responsible for the creature and will be hunted down if it causes any problems,’ the dwarf said gruffly, still unsure of letting the monstrous humanoid in.

‘It will be the gnome, not the druid or I!’ protested the elf ranger.

A strange magic item to be sure, of unknown origin, possibly made in ages lost when trolls and humans or goblins or dwarves worked together, if such a time ever was. Valuable, yet with its own drawbacks too.

Benefit: This magical ring will summon one troll that will be neutral towards the ring’s wearer and his or her companions. The troll will act as a bearer, able to carry up to 700 lbs of weight. The troll will be average in physical traits and abilities, yet will be smarter than the average troll. This creature will serve loyally until dismissed and will not attack on behalf of the ring’s wearer, yet the creature will defend them and can wield Large weapons and wear Large sized armor. After one month the owner of this magical ring can make a Wisdom attribute check to try to summon an additional troll. No more than two trolls can be summoned in total. While handy in civilized areas this magic item often proves problematic.

Usable by: Anyone.

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