[New Magic Item] Mask of Dagon

Mask of Dagon

The sorceress saw three lithe humanoid figures swimming swiftly below the water. She looked at the boat the group needed on the far shore and regarded the strange mask in her hand. The dwarf stepped forward to place a reassuring hand on her arm.

‘It will be fine,’ he said.

‘As long as they are not like the last fishmen we ran into,’ she replied shakily.

‘Who knew that there were so many Deep Ones near that coastal town in that strange world?’ the dwarf replied.

The sorceress took a deep breath, put on the mask and stepped into the water. As the dwarf and the others peered into the chilly waves they saw a minor squabble take place then the creatures seemed to calm down and follow the sorceress, even aiding her.

The dwarf sighed in relief.

‘Good, I didn’t want another underwater fight, I can’t swim!’ he bellowed.

This strange stylized fish-man mask looks hideous and of dubious origin, While anyone can use this bizarre magic item, should you?

Benefit: When worn this odd magical mask allows one to breathe underwater effortlessly and to be able to swim at their normal movement rate without hindrance, the real power comes in the ability to be able to command up to 12HD in fish or fish-like creatures of Animal intelligence within a 60; radius with no Saving throw for these fish. The mask also allows one to command 10HD of intelligent fish-like creatures (also within a 60′ radius) which do receive a Saving Throw with a -2 modifier. Commanded creatures will assist the wearer of the mask and/or defend them. Note: if the Children of Dagon, Deep Ones, are in the particular setting and are within radius to be commanded, these creatures receive a +1 modifier to resist falling under the command of the mask’s wearer and are likely to attack the blasphemer.

Usable by: Anyone.

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