[New Magic Item] Great Club of Grakos Valley

Great Club of Grakos Valley

‘Look out, runt!’ the elf ranger yelled at the gnome illusionist as the beastly bugbear swung the vicious looking club.

The gnome dodged the club and threw a spell at the monstrous humanoid that caused swirling colors to dance before its gruesome face. The gnome then paused.

‘You helped me?’ the illusionist asked the ranger.

‘That club causes Fey creatures more damage, that thing will kill you with a couple of hits,’ the elf replied.

‘So you actually…,’ began the gnome.

‘No, I just think Fellhorn and I need your help. I still want to be around when we lose you eventually,’ the elf replied, coolly cut off the illusionist.

The gnome frowned and cast another spell at the bugbear as it swooned and lurched groggily.

This hefty oaken club has an intricately wrapped leather handle and two bands of four metal spikes each on the business end. Thought to have been owned by a demigod many ages ago, this weapon has a variety of uses and abilities and is whispered of as only a legend.

Benefit: This 3′ long spiked oaken club is devastating in combat, dealing 1d8+2 points of damage in combat (1d10+2 versus Fey creatures due to the cold iron spikes). In addition this magical club can be lit on the top to be used as a torch that burns brightly like a lantern yet the wood is not consumed. This ability can be used for four hours before the torch needs to ‘rest’ for at least two hours. Many Fey creatures are aware of this arcane club and will attack its owner first. If the wielder is disarmed or slain any Fey will steal this club and try to hide it from any who would use it. Commonly dropped off in deep dungeons or on mountain tops.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a great club.

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