[New Spell] Exiled to the Edge

Exiled to the Edge

Valance dusted himself off.

‘That was uncalled for, they could have just asked us to leave,’ the priest of the Spider God said.

‘Probably just a show of muscle for someone else and we were in the wrong place at the wrong time,’ Navnen replied.

‘Story of our lives, I wonder where we are,’ Chalk added as he got up off the ground.

‘Can someone help me out of this tree?’ Koram asked as he flailed about in a nearby oak.

Exiled to the Edge (Cleric)

Level 5

Range: 20’+ 5’/level. Destination below.

Duration: Instantaneous.

When cast this spell transports up to four individuals, determined by the caster, to the edge of a county or kingdom, the exact direction either random or determined by the caster. This spell is most often cast on behalf of a ruler to ‘get the point across’ to an individual or small group that they are not wanted, yet can also be utilized by the casting cleric upon themselves when a hurried retreat is necessary. Those under the effect of the spell receive no Saving Throw, yet also are transported to a relatively safe place at random, with a maximum damage 1d4 hp.

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