[New Magic Item] Falconer’s Gauntlet

Falconer’s Gauntlet

Warily the owl swooped silently in and landed by the tied up adventurer’s in the bugbear camp.

‘Anyone know what this is about?’ the elf ranger asked.

The owl began tearing at the elf’s bindings and when freed the elf found a small dagger and a note tied to the owl’s leg.

‘”Get out of there, you idiots!” it written here,’ the elf said.

‘Well do what it says,’ urged the druid.

Without dawdling the elf freed the druid and gnome illusionist and snuck off to cut into the tent that had their belongings.

‘I wonder who sent the….’ the gnome illusionist began and turned to see that the bird was gone.

‘Not a fan of bugbears, I’d wager,’ the druid said as the elf returned.

Moments later an inhuman howl could be heard as the trio melted into the forest.

‘I think they know we are gone,’ the gnome said.

The elf smirked at the gnome.

Presented to a noble’s loyal huntsman for journeys into dangerous territory, this magical gauntlet has served many a good and just falconer and bird fancier. And a few disreputable ones as well.

Benefit: When worn this left-handed leather gauntlet does not do much for AC, but does grant one extra attack per turn (ten minutes) for 1d4 damage. The real power is in calling in a bird of prey within one mile once per 12 hours, either a day or a night bird (such as an owl). This bird will have 8HP and can deal 1d4 points of damage and will fight for the one who called it, but will flee if death seems imminent. This bird can also be used as a carrier pigeon to relay messages and can even untie (or tie) simple knots with its beak or talons if commanded to do so.

Usable by: Anyone, although druids can call a magical bird of prey with double the hit points and damage of the one above.

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