[New Magic Item] Pinch Candles

Pinch Candles

‘I think I’ll see what is in the loft,’ Navnen said then pinched out the new candle on the table. Instantly he was gone to the amazement of the others.

‘That was rather dramatic,’ Valance commented on the sudden disappearance of the thief.

An uproar and the sounds of a scuffle could be heard upstairs. Moments later he returned dragging a halfling in tow.

‘I caught this spy in the loft while trying out my new magic candles,’ Navnen told the others.

‘He’s a plump one, the spiders would like him,’ Valance said with a grin as he sized up the small spy.

‘What candles?’ Chalk asked.

‘The ones for my next caper,’ the thief replied. ‘At least they work without a hitch.’

‘I’ll call some spiders,’ the priest of the Spider God offered.

Enchanted candles that give the one in the know the ability to make a quick escape. Just remember to pinch out the candle, not blow it out, or your exit could be much more dramatic.

Benefit: Pinch Candles, when lit, allow the individual that pinches the flame out to immediately ‘blink’ to the area where another lit Pinch Candle is within 60′. These candles are always enchanted in pairs, triples or even quartets to create a ‘jump chain’ if needed. After the third ‘blink’ the one using the candle must roll percentile die, a result of 65% or more means the individual has been teleported to the Astral plane and floats helplessly there. Only extinguishing the candle by pinching the flame engages the enchantment, and if the next candle in the chain is somehow extinguished then the ‘blink’ doesn’t happen. Use with caution.

Usable by: Anyone.

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