[New Magic Item] Lights Out Boots

Lights Out Boots

Fellhorn the druid lit a torch as the trio of adventurers descended into the ancient ruins. The elf ranger stomped hard with one foot. The torch went out. The gnome illusionist and elf ranger snickered.

‘Knock it off you idiots, you know I can’t see in the dark!’ growled the druid.

Something growled in the dark.

‘I can’t see it!’ squeaked the gnome as the elf scrambled to relight the torch. The growled grew louder. The torch burst into flame at the elf’s hand.

The growl was heard it again, and was coming from the druid who had cast a spell to mimic animal sounds.

‘Let that be a lesson to you knotheads, that might have been a real bear,’ chided the druid.

Then a growl was heard from deeper in the ruins.

Also known as ‘Thief’s Boots’ these magical boots have ruined many an adventuring party when they were deep underground. Most often worn either by those who can see in the dark or with a ready light source handy.

Benefit: These magical boots allow the wearer to stomp one boot on solid ground and put out all sources of light, magical and mundane, in a 30′ radius, a small hop with a hard landing doubles this effect, putting out all light sources in a 60′ radius. All light sources need to be re-lit or spells re-cast to bring light back to the area.

Usable by: Anyone.

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