[New Spell] As Good As Silver

As Good As Silver

Over a dozen wererats revealed themselves, snarling as they rushed the town guard bearing rusty blades.

The court wizard snapped off a spell that temporarily blinded the vicious were-creatures. Many shook this effect off in moments and continued their advance.

The court priest snorted at stepped forward among the guardsmen. He uttered a prayer and all of the weapons suddenly flashed with a silvery glow. The wererats were taken aback and repelled quickly as the guardsmen cut a few down with hideous squeaks and shrieks.

‘And that is why I am more popular in court,’ said the cleric to the wizard.

The sorcerer smirked and contemplated investing in better spells.

As Good As Silver (Cleric)

Level 2

Range: 10′ radius+ 5’/level.

Duration: One round per level of caster.

A clerical prayer that enchants any metal weapon temporarily to strike as if the weapon were made of silver. This causes the enchanted weapon to cause an additional 1d4 magical damage to lycanthropes, undead and infernal creatures on top of the weapon’s normal damage, which is all it does to all other creatures. Enchants up to two weapons every other level (2,4,6, etc) within radius.

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