[New Magic Item] Book of Beasts from Other Worlds

Book of Beasts from Other Worlds

The huge beast lay defeated. It had been nearly twenty-five feet tall and was reptilian. It stood upright with small clawed forearms and a mouthful of dagger-like teeth.

‘That was horrible,’ Valance said, wiping his brow.

‘Where did such a thing come from?’ Navnen asked.

‘Some strange hell maybe,’ Koram offered.

Chalk inspected this thing.

‘I’ve never heard of any such thing on this world, maybe from another out there, somehow?’ the sorcerer guessed.

An unearthly roar snapped them out of their pondering. Another beast, similar to the one they had just overcome, appeared from the trees.

‘More spiders!’ Koram shouted to Valance who was already starting a summoning prayer.

Originally a type of bestiary that detailed creatures from a variety of worlds, written by a traveler of worlds and odd places, a freak extra-planar spell caused several thousand duplicates of this book (and possibly its author) to be created and dispersed about the planes. Probably how the Overlord of Rist-Vul suddenly had a dozen pterodactyl mount shock troops for his invading army.

Benefit: Once per day a page may be torn from this huge book and a creature is summoned forth, a duplicate of a creature from another place and possibly another time as well. This creature is typically an animal not of this current world and time and is granted Low intelligence and will obey the one who brought it into being for one hour per level (minimum one hour, even if a 0-level tore the page out). After this time the creature is now free to roam about this world and may be an adversary in the future. Multiple books may produce multiple creatures which can inevitably find a way to mate and create more of their kind on the current world as any creature brought into this being in this way can easily sense any others of its kind on this world. This magic item is meant to be a source for bringing ‘one-off’ or ‘out of current time’ creatures into play, such as dinosaurs or alien creatures.

Usable by: Anyone, however a druid using this magical tome may conjure 1d4 creatures from each page torn from it.

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