[New Magic Spell] Wrong Door!

Wrong Door!

The trio of adventurers were running down a corridor from a band of misshapen pursuing monsters.

‘Give me a moment once we get in passed the next door,’ the gnome illusionist said. The elf ranger rolled his eyes then turned and shot an arrow down the corridor while Fellhorn the druid opened the door. The gnome began mumbling his spell as they passed through and then the door clicked.

‘Done,’ the illusionist said as he slowly backed away from the door. A loud pounding began on the door.

‘It’s not even locked!’ the elf shrieked.

Suddenly the door opened and in a flash of light the monstrous humanoids were gone.

‘Where did they go?’ Fellhorn asked.

The gnome shrugged.

‘Random door to somewhere,’ he replied.

‘Why didn’t you use that spell before?’ asked the elf.

‘Because usually we are outside!’ answered the gnome.

Wrong Door! (Illusionist)

Level 4

Range: Touch.

Duration: Until activated (opened).

Often used as a foil for pursuers, this spell enchants a door so that the next time it is opened the portal opens to another place within 900 feet per level of caster, selected randomly. The caster can also enchant a portal to disappear randomly although this does not promise a safe exit, one could be walking into more trouble. The portal will open to this new location only for a few minutes and then will revert back to normal.

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