[New Magic Item] Daemon Papers

Daemon Papers

The drop of the wizard’s blood splashed onto the oversized parchment and was immediately drawn into the strange scroll. The Daemon Paper seemed to twitch and writhe and then the stones of the floor beneath it could be seen.

‘Come forth, Astralolis, Bane of the Golden Light, I compel you,’ the sorcerer said in a commanding voice.

The candles in the room flickered and a stone seemed to fall under the summoning scroll, then another. A dark blue hand reached up and a vile humanoid with bat wings pulled itself up through the floor to regard the wizard with milky white eyes.

The two were engaged in a deep conversation for nearly a half an hour, only interrupted by the fiend testing the bonds of the magical circle. The first two attempts caused Astralolis to retract a hand quickly in pain.

‘You really should have listened to the best advice about this summoning,’ the lower planar creature said.

‘What is that?’ the wizard asked.

The devil Astralolis smiled revealing sharp teeth. He strode forward passed the confines of the circle.

‘Always buy a Protection Circle too.’

The wizard screamed all the way down to the lower hells.

Highly sought after summoning scrolls that will conjure a variety of creatures from the Outer Planes, Daemon Papers allow easy, if dangerous, interactions to occur. Remember to buy the Protection Circle scroll too. Those summoned have little mercy for the creators of these magical shortcuts.

Benefit: A Daemon Paper is a summoning scroll activated by a drop of the spellcaster’s (level 4+) blood. Then the caster must make a save versus Paralysis or be stunned/shocked for 1d4 rounds and the scroll is not used. If the caster makes the save he or she summons the desired entity that is held within the summoning circle on the oversized scroll on the ground. Creatures will remain up to one hour, although those with more than 10HD get to make a save every turn to break free. Those entities that break free cannot harm a spellcaster in a Protective Circle (which also costs a drop of the caster’s blood to activate) but can harm anyone outside of a Protective Circle and will either return to their home plane or run amok for up to 72 hours before being compelled back home. 50% chance of being reusable.

Usable by: Any spellcaster.

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