[New Magic Item] Planar Orbs

Planar Orbs

‘Odd that we would be gifted so grand a means of travel to see a wizard,’ Valance said as the group rode towards the tower in an elaborately carved and festooned wagon.

‘Odd indeed,’ Navnen agreed, a skeptical tone in his voice.

A small door slid open and the footman peered in. He then dropped a glass orb into the enclosure.

‘It is a carriage, not a wagon, you plebs! And have fun in Limbo, courtesy of Stork!’ sneered the footman as he and the driver moved and leaped free of the carriage in time with the glass orb shatering and the enclosure filling with swirling, multicolored smoke.

‘The doors are locked!’ was the last thing Chalk was allowed to shout before they were racing along on the plane of Limbo in a carriage without a driver.

A mixture of alchemy and sorcery, a Planar Orb is a glass ball filled with dirt from the plane it is connected to along with other, more magical ingredients to carry the willing, or unwilling, off for a jaunt among the planes.

Benefit: If the glass orb is broken in any reasonable form of transportation, that conveyance and all within are transported to a (relatively) safe place on that plane within one round (about ten seconds). It is rumored that dilapidated or modes of transportation that are in their wrong element (a wagon in a river, a boat on land, for example) tend to end up in more dangerous places out on the plane of destination.

Usable by: Anyone.

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