[New Magic Item] Mitt of Mipts

Mitt of Mipts

Koram swung at the odd wizard who caught the blade of crystal effortlessly in his strange glove.

‘Valance! Quickly, more spiders!’ the fighter yelled.

‘Hold on a second,’ Chalk interrupted.

Valance paused and look at Chalk who was holding a small, strange creature.

‘It whispered something to me about the wizard,’ Chalk said. ‘These things are handy.’

Koram’s opponent released the fighter’s sword.

‘Hey, what did it say?’ the fiendish wizard asked.

Chalk smiled. The wizard snarled.

‘No wonder Stork doesn’t like you guys,’ retorted the wizard.

‘Oh now that’s not fair,’ Navnen the thief quipped as he snuck up behind their opponent.

A strange magical mitt, it is unknown if there is a pair of these, several pairs or just the one. Who knows what a pair of these would conjure up.

Benefit: A simple single light leather mitten that grants the wearer +1 to AC. This mitten can block bladed weapons without being cut if the wearer chooses to block instead of attack. A captured blade then is a contested Str vs Str roll, the best (lowest) roll wins. Every time this glove is used to block a blade it releases 1d4 mipts, strange whispering little creatures with loathsome habits like gnawing on bones and mumbling secrets to one’s opponents. These things skitter about and sometimes get underfoot. A mipt is a minor creature, with 1d4 hp that deals 1 point of damage with a bite attack and moves at 10′ (1′) and looks like a strange, shadowy ball of fur with two spindly arms and a pair of spindly legs with a shrew-like snout and beady eyes.

Usable by: Anyone.

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