[New Magic Item] Dispersion Coins

Dispersion Coins

All of Chalk’s small items floated in the air for a moment and then were violently scattered on the floor of the inn. Again.

‘Would you do whatever it is you need to to stop that from happening?’ Koram asked.

‘I’m trying to,’ replied the wizard as he scrambled to retrieve his belongings. He held a coin aloft and suddenly it was ripped from Chalk’s hand and scattered.

‘Aha!’ he said with exuberance.

‘Next round is on me,’ the wizard told the others at the table after he dropped a handful of coins.

When the server came around again to get their order and clear out the empty tankards Chalk hastily ordered a new round. Moments later the serving girl screamed as every small possession she had on her person suddenly swirled around her and scattered violently on the inn’s floorboards. The crowd roared as the serving girl tried to race the patrons to pick up the coins and her jewelry.

‘Finally rid of that!’ the wizard said as he and the others pondered on what further madness that cursed coin would cause.

Irritating and frustrating, just one of these coins can cause a lot of havoc and madness, especially among adventurers and when the activation word is known by a miscreant or very common. Allegedly created by a dragon to further curse those that would steal from him.

Benefit: When the activation word is uttered within 20′ of the enchanted coin every Small item carried by the bearer of the coin is scattered randomly in a 30′ radius. Each item is individually dispersed (for example, a pouch of coins has all of the coins and the empty pouch scattered about). As soon as the coin is picked up the trigger word can start this process all over again.

Usable by: Anyone.

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