[New Monster] Betrayers of Desednol

Betrayers of Desednol

The gnome illusionist looked on in awe as the muscular ape-like creature threw the huge stones out of the way. It was a burly mandrill with a green leather vest and a sword on a belt at its side. It walked on two legs, yet its arms were quite long.

‘Your cart may pass freely,’ the humanoid mandrill said to the adventurers.

Fellhorn nodded his thanks and urged the cart forward.

‘We could use a ranger like that!’ the gnome said.

‘Hey, I am right here!’ exclaimed the elf ranger.

‘But he has muscles,’ quipped the small illusionist.

The elf groaned as they passed the creature that smiled as the cart moved forward along the mountain road.

Betrayers of Desednol
These intimidating looking mandrill-folk are the enemies of the chakadok (q.v.) and are hunted by them constantly for not supporting their previous evil deity and his crazed ambitions. It is said that when Desednol stripped the Betrayers of Desednol of their special abilities that a rogue deity, slain and erased from memory by Desednol, gifted these mandrill-folk with an immunity to being magically charmed or put to sleep while giving them the ability to be comfortable in colder climates, where these creatures tend to operate as ranger types-protecting and defending the weak and vulnerable, often as quietly and as unseen as possible. While they look fierce these creatures are actually quite gentle and kind and fight the forces of Chaos and Evil passionately. These creatures speak Common, Giant, Bugbear and their own tongue.

Betrayer of Desednol: HD 4+4; AC 5[14]; Atk: By weapon, Strike (1d10+2); Move 12 ; Save 13; AL:N (L tendencies); CL/XP 3/500; Special: Immune to Charm and Sleep spells. Hardy: Comfortable in Temperate and Cold environments; Wise Ones: effective Wisdom of 16; Strong Ones: Strength of 18/50.

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