[New Spell] Insectimization


‘Let’s have some fun,’ Fellhorn snickered.

Just as the guardsmen approached the hamlet he snuck up close to them with his companions and cast a quick spell. The men transformed into tall, brutish beetle-humanoids.

Suddenly rocks pelted them as the peasants gathered sticks and other improvised weapons. The two soldier-beetles barely escaped the crowd with their lives.

‘Why did you do that?’ asked the elf ranger.

‘I wanted to get the reaction of the average yokel if we had to use that spell to get out of a scrape and ran into a mob of villagers,’ the druid replied.

‘Not promising,’ noted the elf.

Insectimization (Druid)

Level 5

Range: 10′ radius+ 5’/level.

Duration: One hour per level of caster.

A wondrous druid spell, Insectimization causes all in the radius of the spell that the caster chooses, including themselves, to transform into a humanoid beetle for the spell’s duration. The upside is a +2 to AC due to the hard exoskeleton, +3 to Str and and two extra attacks thanks to the extra set of arms. The downside is a -2 Dexterity and -10′ Movement due to the bulky and cumbersome nature of the beetle form. As for Charisma, that would be -3 in most cases and you might get pelted with rocks and rotten vegetables by peasants that think the transformed are monsters. 10% chance of permanency each individual affected.

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