[New Magic Item] Spore of Arbitrary Arcane Effects

Spore of Arbitrary Arcane Effects

Without even a squeal the goblin drop the strange pod from above the adventurers. The elf ranger noticed and pointed. The trio stared wordlessly as the thing crashed silently and splattered them all in millions of tiny spores that crackled for a moment and then silence reigned again.

‘What is that, some goblin plague?’ the gnome illusionist asked.

All three quickly shook and dusted themselves off.

Two large humanoids lurched from the shadows growling ominously.

‘Bugbears!’ the elf shouted and drew his bow. The arrow flew and struck home. The giant goblinoid glowed a pale blue for a moment and then cackled.

‘What did your arrow do?’ asked Fellhorn the druid.

‘I think I healed it,’ replied the elf as he took a moment to look at his bow.

‘Our magic items have switched properties around!’ squeaked the gnome as his hat caught on fire from a tap by a ring he was wearing.

This nasty little bit of sporecery has aggravated and confounded many an adventurer and gotten a price put on the head of the perpetrator of this mischievous magic.

Benefit: These spores, which grow in dark and strange places can be thrown as a projectile, dropped from a height, or left as a trap. Once the spore takes 2 hp of damage it silently and violently explodes, covering all in a 20′ radius in tiny neon green spores. For a moment these tinier spores crackle and ALL magical items in the affected (infected?) area randomly change qualities with another magic item, regardless of how bizarre or illogical this swapping of powers might be. This is a permanent arcane alteration, barring the use of Limited Wish, Wish, Alter Reality or….using another of these spores.

Usable by: Anyone.

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