[New Spell] Cacophony of an Evil Choir

Cacophony of an Evil Choir

Fellhorn, the elf ranger and gnome illusionist first heard a strange cackling, then a groaning and a few shrieks. Moments later another trio of adventurers ran up to then passed them.

‘Run, undead!’ one of them shouted as they raced by.

The human, elf and gnome exchanged glances and heard a faint rattling and clanging as the undead grew closer. Then they all chased after the group that warned them.

The spot where they were instantly filled with armed skeletons and ghouls.

Cacophony of an Evil Choir (Cleric)

Level 1

Range: 20′ radius+ 5’/level.

Duration: Instantaneous. Effect lasts for one turn (10 minutes).

When cast this spell, using the cleric as the center point of the radius, compels all undead creatures within range to ‘sing’, which usually is heard as a bunch of disoriented wailing, rasping and groaning, which pinpoints the location of these creatures. Those with 6HD+ gain a standard Saving Throw, those under 6HD do not. After 5th level this spell also affects Infernal (Lower Planar) creatures who receive the same saving ability.

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