[New Magic Item] Hibernation Wand

Hibernation Wand

Fellhorn fumbled around through the brush, mumbling to himself and looking about furiously.

‘We can get by without him,’ the elf ranger said.

‘It is the principle of the thing, I want to make sure this thing works,’ replied the druid.

‘That little runt was nothing but trouble,’ sighed the elf.

‘Aha!’ exclaimed the druid as the ranger groaned.

Fellhorn moved a small stone and a tiny hand shot up from the earth.

‘I heard that!’ the gnome sleepily said as he poked his head up from the ground.

‘Put him under again, will you?’ pleaded the elf.

Created by a great druidess of ancient times to protect other druids during an invasion, ten of these mysterious wands are believed to exist and are sought after by druids to help and hinder others.

Benefit: A hibernation wand allows the druid to cause another (or themselves) to hibernate for a time. Often used only as a last resort or for desperate measures, this magic wand can be used to create a small pocket in a safe place nearby at random (usually within 50′ and known to the bearer of the wand) that will hold the individual in question for a time allotted by the druid or cleric, from three days to three months. Those resisting will get a Save vs Petrification with a -1 modifier. Wand holds three charges and can be recharged with 4th level cleric or druid spells. When those in hibernation for more than a few days awaken they have full hit points and are refreshed and alert, if famished and thirsty.

Usable by: A druid or cleric.

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