[New Spell] Hit Me With Your Best Spell

Hit Me With Your Best Spell

The lightning bolt tore from the sky, homing in on Valance. Yet before it struck the priest of the Sun God intervened and took the full strike from above.

‘That’s one you owe me, priest of the Spider God,’ the cleric of the Sun God winced as he limped back a couple of steps. ‘Get those peasants to safety!’

Valance rolled his eyes.

‘Peasants? Who is he talking about?’ asked Navnen the thief.

‘I have a feeling I should have taken that lightning bolt,’ groaned Valance as he ushered everyone to safety.

Hit Me With Your Best Spell (Cleric)

Level 4

Range: 15′ radius+ 5’/level.

Duration: Instantaneous.

If a devastating spell has hit another (or even a beneficial spell) and the casting cleric has not taken their turn yet he or she can cast this quick prayer and effectively become a lightning rod, taking the magical effects (Arcane or Divine) upon themselves. The cleric receives a +1 Save versus Magic to shrug off the effects entirely, otherwise they take the full brunt of the other’s spell.

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