[New Spell] Serpent In Armor

Serpent In Armor

The heavily armored fighter raised his double-handed mace to crush the elf ranger’s skull. The gnome illusionist cast a spell that the fell warrior ignored, which caused the elf to frown in despair. Suddenly the fighter groaned and straightened up, hands grasping at the air as the mace fell to the ground.

‘Move!’ groaned Fellhorn as the fighter was apparently having a fit of some sort.

The elf and gnome wasted no time in escaping as they watched in horror as the fighter contorted and strained as if he had gone mad. A small serpent slithered from one leg of his armor, yet he continued to writhe.

‘Is it gone?’ he asked no one in particular as the adventurers slipped by his post and into the dark woods.

Serpent In Armor (Druid)

Level 2

Range: 20′ radius+ 5’/level.

Duration: Instantaneous.

A dreadful trick to play on anyone in armor, Serpent In Armor calls the nearest ordinary snake and inserts it randomly into a chosen already occupied suit of armor. There is a 25% chance the serpent is poisonous and 100% chance that the wearer of the armor is going to be distracted to the point that he or she will be -2 to hit and damage in combat and have a -2 Dexterity modifier until the serpent is removed from the armor. Usually the snake escapes unharmed while the druid who conjured it there is usually not so lucky if found out.

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