[New Spell] Full for Now

Full for Now

The many headed thing suddenly stopped clacking its jagged beaks and turned and crawled off, trampling the grass and weeds and leaving an obvious trail.

‘Will that spell make us think that our stomachs are full too?’ the gnome illusionist asked hopefully.

‘Not unless you eat humans,’ Fellhorn the druid replied.

The elf ranger and the gnome illusionist exchanged sly smiles.

‘Knock it off, you two! Let’s get out of here before that thing returns,’ the druid said.

The elf laughed while the gnome giggled. And all of their stomachs rumbled.

Full for Now (Druid)

Level 2

Range: 20’+ 5’/level.

Duration: Instantaneous. Effect lasts for one hour.

This spell satiates the hunger of any fauna that is carnivorous and sends such creatures off in another direction. A creature defending its territory or of higher than Low Intelligence does get a standard Saving Throw versus Spells, otherwise the creature is turned away and leaves the area with a full belly and may even go and rest in its lair (or somewhere else if in its lair). Carnivorous plants are exempt from this spell, although flesh eating undead are affected by it.

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