[New Magic Item] Wand of Wasps

Wand of Wasps

The king, with a red and swollen face, spat out a batch of apparently incoherent words. The guards looked perplexed.

‘I think he means for you to get the wizard that just left, the rather shifty one, don’t let him leave the castle,’ the king’s chamberlain told the guards.

The king nodded vigorously and pointed at the chamberlain, indicating that he was correct.

‘But where will we..,’ the guard began and was cut off by screams below.

The chamberlain cocked his head and smiled.

The captain of the guard nodded and ordered his men down the spiral stairs to try to subdue the strange wizard.

This vicious magic item has been used to get some out of trouble and even to assassinate targets if used properly. Either annoying or deadly, this magical wand causes chaos for sure.

Benefit: In addition to storing four spells from levels 1-4, including multiples of one spell, this magical wand also causes a wasp or hornet’s nest to appear twice per day at any location indicated by the wand within 60′. The insects summoned will be angry and about the size of a thumb, dealing 1 hit point of damage per round and having 1 hit point per insect. Initially 1d100 wasps/hornets will appear and will be an immediate threat to any living creatures within 10′ as the maddened insects go into a stinging rage if their nest is disturbed.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a wand.

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