[New Magic Item] Carrion Club

Carrion Club

Koram woke up, bleary-eyed, with Valance shaking him awake. The fighter immediately wrinkled his nose in disgust.

‘What smells like it has been dead a week?’ Koram asked.

Valance and the others chuckled.

‘I am afraid it is you,’ said the priest of the Spider God as he helped the wounded fighter up.

‘How?’ asked Koram as he sniffed his own arm and winced.

‘The club of the bugbear, it hit you pretty hard,’ Chalk replied.

‘Where is it?’

‘They got away, we got the goblins though,’ Navnen said.

Koram snarled and picked up his sword.

‘Where are you going?’ Chalk asked.

‘I’m going after that bugbear, it will pay for making me smell this bad,’ snarled the fighter.

This maple club is carved with intricate wailing faces and screaming skulls on its surface above the handle. These symbols of death are a great warning to the wary.

Benefit: This arcane club makes a horrible wailing sound when swung in an encounter, which alone causes creatures under 2HD to make a Save versus Petrification or flee the immediate area in terror. Any creature struck by this club will take 1d4+2 points of damage and has a 25% chance of reeking like a dead creature for one week. This smell is unnerving to most beings (-2 Charisma) and appealing to others (ghouls, ghasts and other intelligent corporeal undead, including vampires, will not attack the affected subject, unintelligent and incorporeal undead are not affected by this stench). Most animals will shy away from or try to eat (!) those affected by this magical club.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a club.

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