[New Spell] Catching the Collector’s Eye

Catching the Collector’s Eye

There was another knock at the door of the cottage.

‘No!’ Koram shouted.

‘A thousand gold pieces,’ whined a voice from the other side of the door.

‘No!’ the fighter replied again.

‘Can I get a little help here?’ Navnen asked as he struggled with an intruder at the window. Valance directed some nasty looking spiders that way and with a screech of terror the would-be housebreaker fled.

‘Why did you let that strange spellcaster admire your sword?’ lamented Chalk.

‘He really seemed to like it, so I let him handle it,’ Koram said as he patted the Crystal Sword at his side.

Catching the Collector’s Eye (Illusionist)

Level 3

Range: Special (see below).

Duration: One day per level of caster.

This odd sorcery allows the caster to cause any non-living object owned by another to become coveted by avid collectors who are willing to do most anything to acquire the object. The caster must have touched or held the object at least once for the spell to be successful. There is no saving throw for the poor owner, he or she must deal with the sudden attentions of 2d4 avid (rabid) collectors that want the object in their collections and will hire thieves, mercenaries, adventurers/etc to acquire the item if outright bribery is not an option.

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