[New Magic Item] Stone of Kirvularie

Stone of Kirvularie

‘Lose the stone,’ the elf ranger suggested to the gnome illusionist.

‘But…but…the benefits,’ squeaked the gnome.

‘We’ve been delayed twice this week with these Geas spells,’ groaned the elf.

‘We will get there eventually, I promise,’ the small illusionist said.

‘Just lose that cursed thing, we just had to defeat a manticore king because of it, these things are getting more dangerous!’ complained Fellhorn, the druid.

The gnome moped and kicked at small rocks as his companions growled at him.

‘Okay, okay,’ the gnome said and threw a small stone into the pond.

‘If that was an illusion and you still have that damned thing….’ the druid began.

‘Okay, okay!’ the gnome squeaked and threw the real enchanted stone this time.

Nobody is really certain who, where or what Kirvularie is or was, however this amulet, while quirky, is also very powerful and highly sought after. Although many find the downside to be very annoying.

Benefit: Once per day the Stone of Kirvularie grants the bearer the ability to take minimum damage for the next 1d4 strikes or attacks that day. This does not count falling, crushing, drowning or other calamities, this only applies to physical attacks, stealthy or obvious. The downside is that any wizard capable of casting 6th level spells, even if he or she does not have Geas, may cast one Geas spell for free upon the bearer of the amulet if within 300′ of the bearer of the enchanted stone, whether it has been used that day or not. The spellcaster is not compelled to take advantage of this situation, yet many of them do.

Usable by: Anyone.

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