[New Magic Item] Spear of Zhongi

Spear of Zhongi

The mercenary captain defeated the last of the bugbears with his magical spear just as a goblin wretch pointed.

‘The human! He’s cursed, he’s become undead!’ it shrieked and drew attention to the mercenary captain who saw all eyes turn to him. Then he took a moment to stare at his withered left hand.

‘We are cursed! Our captain has fallen to undeath!’ one of the mercenaries cried out.

As his own men turned on him the captain shouted orders at his men, orders that fell upon deaf ears as they gathered to strike him down, thinking their leader was cursed to be undead.

As he fell and his spear fell from his hand the goblin wretch found it and carried the weapon away without notice. Other goblins would not care if he looked undead, just as long as he could kill their enemies.

The vile ruler Zhongi used a number of weapons like this, until ultimately the use of such magic items became his downfall.

Benefit: This magical spear is extremely powerful, dealing 1d6+2 damage to any regular undead (corporeal or non-corporeal) and 1d8+2 to any named undead (vampire lords, liches, etc) and dealing 1d4+2 damage to any living creatures or constructs. After combat the bearer of the spear takes on a cadaverous look and appears to be a ghastly undead thing themselves for 1d6 turns (10 minutes to one hour). While this person cannot be turned in this state they do take double damage from silver weapons.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a spear.

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