[New Magic Item] Pearl of the Undertide Tongue

Pearl of the Undertide Tongue

‘And the verdict?’ Chalk asked.

Knat the druidess spat the small pearl into her hand and put it into a pocket of her robe shaking her head grimly.

‘So the fishfolk will not let us pass without conflict,’ Koram said.

‘We must find another way around this underground lake then,’ Chalk said.

‘I can summon a few underwater spiders,’ Valance said as he grinned menacingly into the water. Many bulbous eyes looked back. A fishlike humanoid breached the water and grabbed at Knat’s robe, she put the pearl into her mouth again as the thing croaked.

‘We have one hour,’ she said a few moments later.

The priest of the Spider God glanced into the water smiling.

‘I thought so.’

Once a fairly common magic item, these magical pearls have been confiscated by the more aggressive and warlike species above – and below the waves to keep old battles and grudges going. A rare and valuable item to possess.

Benefit: When placed under the tongue this magic pearl allows the bearer to speak to any intelligent underwater species capable of speech. This magic works above or below water, but does not give an air-breather the ability to breathe underwater, nor does this guarantee the user’s safety in the presence of hostile creatures. Usable at will.

Usable by: Anyone.

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