[New Spell] Weapon of Wax

Weapon of Wax

Stork snapped off the spell from the scroll just as the fighter raised his ax to strike. There was a perilous moment in which both combatants froze, then the axe became like warm wax and melted in the fighter’s hands as he howled in rage.

‘That was my grandfather’s ax, enchanted by the druids!’ the fighter yelled.

‘Was,’ Stork emphasized with a sneer.

The fighter began searching for another weapon as Stork removed another scroll from his belt. The fighter immediately sheathed the dagger, put his hands up slowly and began backing away.

‘And he backed away into the other room,’ Stork said later, recounting the tale to Vistis the Blue Mage.

‘Luckily you got away, what was the other scroll, another copy of the spell?’ the illusionist asked.

‘I escaped out the window before his weapon went back to its previous form, which might have been disastrous as the other parchment was a recipe for roast manticore I had picked up earlier that day on a whim,’ the wizard replied.

Weapon of Wax (Arcane)

Level 6

Range: 20′.

Duration: See below.

This powerful wizard’s spell causes one weapon within range to become soft, like warm wax, melting its bearer’s hand, often much to the weapon wielder’s horror. The effect is permanent on non-magical weapons, these are ruined short of a spell like Wish or Limited Wish. Magical weapons are only affected for one round per level of caster after which time the weapon reverts back to its normal shape and solidity.

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