[New Magic Item] Traitor Blade

Traitor Blade

‘You know, I get it that the blade is handy, but the goblin is really getting annoying,’ Chalk told Navnen.

Koram screamed as the goblin broke a half dozen plates then smiled innocently.

‘He is costing us a fortune in plates and dishes,’ Valance added.

‘Fine!’ the thief said. He turned to the squeaking goblin.

‘I release you from the blade’s spell,’ he said halfheartedly.

It took a moment for the small humanoid to shake off the magic then it edged towards the door cautiously, opened the portal and scampered outside.

‘Think he will make it outside of town safely?’ Navnen asked wistfully.

There was a terrible commotion as the townspeople realized there was a goblin in their midst.

‘He will be just fine, he’s fast on his feet,’ Valance speculated.

A malicious magical weapon that makes an enemy betray their allies and may create unlikely adventuring groups become a reality. A good way to bring odd or unusual races into the group.

Benefit: Once per day, in combat the bearer of this strange bronze short sword may cause a random enemy to turn traitor and decide to ally with the owner of the sword and their companions, yet only one creature or person may be retained at a time in this way. While chosen at random it is usually the weaker or those that get the short end of the stick often that are most easily swayed by the magic of this blade. The traitor will be loyal to the bearer of the sword and their companions without qualm, unless mistreated, and then the being receives a Saving Throw with a +2 modifier to escape the magic of the sword. The bearer of the blade may choose to break the spell any tome and release their ally at any time they wish, too. In combat this blade deals 1d4+2 points of damage.

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