[New Monster] Border Hag

Border Hag

‘Here she comes again!’ the gnome illusionist squeaked.

The elf ranger lowered his bow and Fellhorn the druid.

‘You cannot cross here, either,’ the fey woman warned stoically, her eerie eyes glaring intently at the trio of adventurers.

‘Not even if we pay tribute?’ Fellhorn asked.

The Border Hag looked around for a moment.

‘What sort of tribute? Gold? Gems?’ she asked.

‘YES!’ the exasperated trio said in unison.

‘I think we can come to a deal if you can never mention it to anyone that I let you pass,’ the Border Hag said, a lethal threat interwoven in her words.

Border Hag
Unlike most creatures known as ‘hags’, the Border Hags are neither hideous nor entirely evil, yet they re vigilant and dedicated, for Border Hags protect and enforce borders and perimeter lines that others may not be aware of as fences, walls and other markers can be erased with time or obliterated during times of war or peace. These comely creatures will advise those who wander into forbidden areas to vacate the premises, usually with a stern warning, then with violent persuasion.

Border Hag: HD 6; AC 5[14]; Atk: By claws +(1d6+2); Move 9 ; Save 12; AL:C (L tendencies in regards to their job);CL/XP 8/5500; Special: Immune to poisons, drowning and Sleep or Charm spells, Special: Command: a Border Hag can cast Command (duration 3 rounds, range 35′). Charm (as spell).

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