[New Magic Item] Azkar’s Door Jamb

Azkar’s Door Jamb

Navnen said his good-byes to a few of his colleagues and entered the cottage he shared with the other adventurers, casually tossing a small metal object into one hand and catching it repeatedly with a wry smile on his face.

‘What happened?’ Koram asked curiously.

‘Oh nothing. I just pulled off a side caper that made me a legend,’ the thief replied, unable to conceal his grin.

‘YOU!’ The mage’s guild!’ hissed Chalk.

Navnen shrugged.

‘How did you do it?’ the wizard demanded.

‘All it took was getting the apprentices to think that the door lock was working normally, my little friend here did the rest,’ Navnen replied.

‘You caused a lot of trouble, you are being hunted,’ Chalk exclaimed.

Valance grabbed an apple from the table and nodded at the thief.

‘Welcome to the club,’ the priest of the Spider God said with a grin.

While Azkar was only known for minor enchantments, his creations, such as the eponymous Azkar’s Door Jamb have made more than one adventure party make it rhough the dungeon and more than a few thieves become legendary with the proper application of these enchanted door jambs. Never activate more than two at once for best results. Most of these look like stylized dwarfs or giants carved in a straining position as if holding a particular door open or shut.

Benefit: These magical door jambs operate on a password, one for each device. In operation these will hold any door open or shut by digging in and holding the door in the desired position, rolling harmlessly out of the way so that the door can function normally when not holding it open. The door and its frame must be material but will not either open or close without the strength of a hill giant (21) or above. As this is beyond the strength of most adventurers and dungeon dwellers these magic items make effective tools. Repeating the password will cause the door jamb to become inert and easily picked up. If more than three of these are in use within a one mile radius these magic items will function randomly every turn until at least one is ‘turned off’ with the password.

Usable by: Anyone.

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