[New Spell] Summons of the Deity

Summons of the Deity

The guard seemed hesitant to let the adventurers into the town until a large, hairy spider climbed his leg and distracted him.

‘Get it off of me!’ the guard screamed.

Valance whistled and the spider scurried back to him and climbed under his robes.

‘That….that, thing is yours?’ exclaimed the nervous guard.

‘One of many. We won’t cause any problems, we just want shelter for a few days,’ the priest of the Spider God assured the guard.

‘Just keep that away from me,’ the guard said as he gave the signal and the huge wooden doors slowly yawned open.

Chalk laughed as they entered.

‘What?’ asked Valance.

‘Some days I am glad that you are not the priest of the Rabbit Goddess, your little friends do get us places without a lot of hassle sometimes.’

Valance just grinned broadly.

Summons of the Deity (Cleric)

Level 3

Range: Immediate area.

Duration: One turn (ten minutes) per level of caster, and see below.

When cast this spell allows a cleric to summon one HD per level of caster in creatures (or one big creature with all of the allowable Hit Die) that are iconic to his or her deity. These creatures have animal intelligence however will obey basic commands like a well trained dog, including non-verbal hand commands. The creature(s) are corporeal and may look menacing or benevolent, depending on the deity. If the deity has no specific animal then a “generic” cat, dog, raven, etc is summoned. There is a 10% chance each time that the creature will remain permanently and can, in time, become awakened and become a champion for the specific deity in question. Unlike other summoning spells, the priest or priestess cannot summon any creature other than what is sacred to their specific deity.

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