[New Magic Item] Old Brown Hat

Old Brown Hat

The elf ranger appeared wearing a floppy old brown leather hat. Fellhorn the druid looked at him dubiously, yet the gnome illusionist just pointed and laughed.

‘You’ll regret that, runt,’ the elf assured the gnome.

Some time later the three adventurers became lost in the deep woods. The elf ranger paused a moment and mumbled a few words. A small brownie appeared and the two began discussing a safe rout to through the forest and to the nearby ruins.

‘Who is this?’ the gnome illusionist asked.

‘He could be your replacement if you keep up with your antics,’ snapped the elf.

The gnome sat and pouted, arms crossed, against an oak tree.

‘Replacement!’ he snorted.

One of those magic items that annoys the Fey, the Old Brown Hat has been popular with many druids and hedge mages that live around smaller communities and often utilize their summoned helper to help keep the community in order and safe.

Benefit: When worn the Old Brown Hat can be used to conjure a Brownie that will serve the hat’s wearer as a familiar. The creature has maximum hit dice and the normal powers and abilities of its kind and if treated well will be a faithful helper for one year and a day. If the enchanted hat’s wearer already has a familiar the two can work in conjunction or apart. If the brownie is mistreated or abused it will cast a random Curse upon the wearer of the hat and attempt to steal it. As an option 1d4 brownies may be summoned and will operate under the same stipulations as above.

Usable by: Anyone.

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