[New Spell] Fair All Around

Fair All Around

‘It is not always about violence against such creatures,’ the priest of the Sun God told the young princeling. ‘Now we have an ally, albeit a brutish one, from a simple spell that solved a problem for a trio of ogres.’

The princeling nodded as the three large humanoids lumbered off down the path towards the small bridge that lead to the Forest Daunting.

‘And if the ogre who swore his loyalty to me betrays us?’ the princeling asked.

The cleric regarded the wicked looking mace hanging at his side.

‘Then we beat the tar out of him, yet I think that solving such a simple problem as those three had will prove to our advantage, they will undoubtedly run into more treasure in the future and suffer the same issue,’ the priest of the Sun God replied.

Fair All Around (Cleric)

Level 3

Range: 20’+5’/level.

Duration: Instantaneous.

When cast this spell will divvy up any and all treasure indicated by the caster fairly and evenly among as many shares as the cleric wills. This is always even and fair, with any extra coins, gems or other treasure or even small items like buttons, nails, etc beyond absolute fairness being teleported to the nearest church/temple/shrine/etc of the caster for their faith, not going to the caster unless he or she indicates that they require or have earned a share,

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